Plant Life Cycle


Current Turnaround Time – 14 Days


This gorgeous set of five wooden peg dolls is both beautiful and educational!

Each doll has been handpainted to feature a stage of plant growth.

The wooden peg dolls each stand at 6cm high.  They have been intricately painted with non-toxic paints, and sealed for a long lasting finish.

Each peg doll stands at 6cm high, and has been crafted using a single piece of solid wood.  The plant life cycle design have then been sketched and intricately handpainted by full-time peg doll artist Jules.

Due to the individual handmade nature of each doll, designs and colours may vary slightly.

Our peg dolls are painted to order.  Please take a note of the current turnaround time before placing your order. 

For safety and peace of mind we advise that all Peggies items are kept away from those that like to mouth objects.  If an item becomes damaged, please discontinue use.  We have a recommended usage age of 3 years plus.


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