Give a doll a home…

Fret-me-not worry dolls

The wooden Fret-Me-Not folk are by far our most popular range, purchased for both adults and children alike.

Educational Range

Our educational range of peg dolls include weather dolls, colour matching sets, and counting ladybirds.

Just the one?

A great way to test the quality of our wood folk, and increase your Peggies collection, here you can buy – just the one!

more than one?

Buying a set of peg dolls instead of a single individual, brings the cost per doll down (and increases the fun!)

Turnaround time for website orders is 14 WORKING days.

UK Postage just £2.99 per order.

Worry Dolls

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Peg Doll Sets

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Special Days

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Such a choice!

When we started Peggies back in 2016, we had less than a handful of peg doll designs to choose from – and look at us now!

We now paint over 100 different peg doll characters, and the list is ever growing!

If you are looking for a design that we don’t yet offer, do please get in touch and ask us about it.  It may well be a design we have had on our to-paint list for a while and we are just waiting for an excuse to paint it!  We are unable to offer TV or film characters, Disney characters, or book characters due to copyright and intellectual property law.  All original designs are protected including our own.  We believe that all designer’s rights should be respected, regardless of being a large company or a small independent creator. 

Get In Touch!